Might we recommend that you skip the music altogether and try a podcast? A good podcast, one that really does its job, is one that captivates you from the jump, and during a workout, you want one that can do a few different things. Sometimes, it’s a good conversation about something you’re already interested in. And other times, the best workout podcast is one that tells you about something you didn’t already know. And oftentimes when we feel like we aren’t productive, it’s because we are trying to accomplish too many time-consuming or brain-consuming to-do’s in one day. You may be listening to the same music or podcasts that you listened to through your headphones in the office.

  • This show is hosted by comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff.
  • Also, use headphones so as not to disturb those around you.
  • Comprehensive research and plans need to be in place for companies to profit from employees listening to podcasts.

It keeps everyone updated about the company and industry-related news while creating strong bonds between members. Global businesses work with remote employees and teams all over the world. Podcasting as a communication instrument takes communication to another level. It represents the perfect platform for distributing information and keeping in touch with remote employees. It provides support and information for them with easy access.


Whether it’s marketing, meditation, or motivation, podcasts provide an idea or solution (available for free) right at your fingertips. Do you work in a more creative field and you’re having trouble balancing being creative and being productive? The Accidental Creative podcast can help you navigate that terrain. It features a multitude of guests from different creative fields who come onto the show to try and help other creatives find ways to be more productive. There should be well-defined goals and objectives affiliated with the overall company mission for introducing podcast listening at work.

  • Co-hosted by NPR’s Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel, Invisibilia delves into a wide array of human behavior, interweaving narrative storytelling with fascinating new psychological and brain science.
  • Listen and research will come to life in a way that will make you see your own life differently.
  • From comedy to fiction, business, and mini-series, Quill offers a bunch of podcasts to tune into while you’re working from home.
  • This podcast comes from the productivity guru himself.
  • The first is 13-year-old female who is having a severe comminuted fracture.

The host, Pat Flynn, explains how he built his online business to offer him a lifestyle many crave. If you’re a student of life, this is the podcast for you. Oprah invites guests who have something evocative to share about mindfulness, gratitude, and cultivating an appreciation for life. Some are people you’d expect, like Deepak Chopra and Wild author Cheryl Strayed. Others are perhaps less expected, like Tracy Morgan speaking about how a near-death car crash affected his spirituality. This transcript was created using speech recognition software.

This Boxer’s ‘Path’ to Greatness Has Become a Family Affair

Spreadsheets, expense reports, follow-ups—they can all feel like a lot of time spent without much reward. Doing these tasks in silence can get mind-numbing, but tuning into an engaging or inspiring podcast while you complete them can make you feel like you’re getting more out of this time. Sometimes the best way to zone out is working from home podcast by zoning in… especially on one of these, the best fitness podcasts to listen to right now. Before long, time will have flown by and your workout will be complete. Listen to the Learning While Working podcast to hear how learning and development is transforming. The episodes are interviews with leading thinkers in learning.

  • Just as its advertisement suggests, it’s just white noise.
  • Have you ever wondered how squirrels keep track of their nuts?
  • This is a great podcast for anyone looking to optimize their workflow through small daily habits that lead to big long-term results.
  • Even with all the benefits of listening to a podcast while working.
  • B2B Better exists to help businesses use marketing to navigate moments of change.
  • It can also help employees better understand the ongoing advancements related to their roles to be more productive and efficient.

You talk about catastrophic situation here in Gaza, madam. The communal areas, the lobby, the stairwells, they’re dark. And so it’s a nightmare because you don’t know who you’re stepping on while you’re walking.

Trial readiness, process & case guidance

This nine-part series takes listeners all around the country, exploring the artist’s early life, superb career, political clout and the importance of her very own theme park, Dollywood. Host Ira Glass leads a weekly exploration of a theme, usually with three fascinating stories that fit into it in unexpected ways. Themes range from car salesmen to summer camp to superpowers. Ramit Sethi presents real money stories from behind closed doors. Inside the I Will Teach You To Be Rich podcast, you gain access to couples sharing the most intimate aspects of their lives.

I love that he includes insights on how to be more effective in your personal life as well as at work. Why Doing Less Is The Best Way to Do More (32 min.) is an episode that’s especially worth a listen. For people who love to learn and hate wasting time, podcasts are a godsend. They have the power to turn everyday tasks like commuting to work, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, and working out into prime opportunities for self-development. They cover every topic you can imagine and can fit into any timeframe, from a 5-minute break to an hour-long car ride. They give your eyes a much-needed break from the screen, and the best ones are downright entertaining in addition to being insanely useful.

It’s audio and doesn’t require any actions on my part (other than making sure I give those 5-star ratings when appropriate!). You grab your headphones, you grab your phone, and you hit up the same ol’ playlist you’ve been running to for years. How often have you seen someone hogging a bench press station while curating their playlist for what seems like forever?

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